Tragic Bronx Twins Murder: Updates on Gloria Asamoah’s Case

The mother of the 5-year-old twins discovered them lifeless inside their Bronx apartment last year, and now she faces murder charges, the NYPD confirmed.

Gloria Asamoah, 42, is currently in a psychiatric ward, held there since her son and daughter, George and Gianna Kantanka, were found dead in their home on East 175th Street near Weeks Avenue in Mount Hope. Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny stated on Tuesday that Asamoah has been indicted for the murders and remains in psychiatric care until cleared by doctors, after which she will be taken into custody.

Initially, investigators believed the children’s deaths were a tragedy, with no suspicion of foul play. The family had no history of domestic incidents or involvement with child services. However, on March 13, the city medical examiner ruled the deaths as homicides, citing smothering as the cause.

The twins, who had autism, were unwell and stayed home from school on the day they were found dead. George had been sick for about two weeks with cold symptoms, while Gianna was suffering from an ear infection, exhibiting unusual behavior, according to her mother’s account to the police.

Asamoah, originally from Ghana, moved to the Bronx with her husband ten years ago. The father, who was at work in Port Chester at the time of the incident, will not face charges.

The tragic event has left the father devastated, expressing his grief over the loss of his children.

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