The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in New York is Terrifying

New York stands as a state adorned with captivating attractions, including iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the majestic Niagara Falls. Despite its many renowned sites, the state also harbors mysterious and eerie locations, where tales of ghosts and spirits linger. One such place is the haunted Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, a site steeped in a chilling history and regarded as one of New York’s most haunted spots.

The History of Forest Park Cemetery

Established in 1897, Forest Park Cemetery began as a private burial ground for Troy’s affluent residents. Designed by Garnet Baltimore, the first African American graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the cemetery boasted elaborate monuments and mausoleums in a serene, natural setting. Despite its original intent as a peaceful resting place, the cemetery fell into disrepair due to a series of natural disasters, acts of vandalism, and neglect by its owners. The once-grand cemetery became overgrown, dilapidated, and forgotten.

The Hauntings of Forest Park Cemetery

Forest Park Cemetery, now a somber and unsettling place, is said to be haunted by various ghosts and spirits, each manifesting in distinct ways. Numerous reports from visitors detail paranormal occurrences, including:


Witnesses claim to have seen apparitions of figures such as a woman in white, a man in a suit, a child in a dress, and a soldier in uniform. Some of these apparitions are described as friendly, while others exude hostility. Some are believed to be connected to specific individuals buried in the cemetery, like Harriet Coleman, the wife of the cemetery’s founder, or John Warren, a Civil War veteran.


Visitors have reported hearing voices, whispers, screams, and laughter emanating from various directions. Some voices are coherent, others unintelligible, and they may relate to the cemetery’s history, such as details about the deceased, causes of death, or burial dates.


Captured in photographs and videos, orbs, or balls of light, are said to appear, particularly at night. These orbs vary in color, brightness, and movement, with some associated with specific locations or graves within the cemetery.

Cold Spots

Many visitors have experienced sudden drops in temperature, or cold spots, in different areas of the cemetery. These phenomena may be accompanied by sensations like tingling, numbness, or pressure and may be linked to specific entities or historical events.

The Conclusion

Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, New York, tells a haunting tale of neglect and decay. Once a prestigious resting place, it now harbors the spectral echoes of its troubled past. Off-limits to the public, the cemetery is protected by warnings against trespassing. Yet, some brave souls venture forth, drawn by curiosity, the thrill of the unknown, or scholarly pursuits. If you choose to explore the haunted cemetery of Forest Park, proceed with caution, respect, and an awareness that you may encounter more than just the remnants of the past.

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