Police Arrest Over 100 Demonstrators at Northeastern University Protest

Police conducted raids on encampments set up at Northeastern University’s campus, resulting in the arrest of around 100 demonstrators in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The police operation unfolded as officers gathered inside Shillman Hall overnight before emerging in the early hours to disperse protesters gathered around the centennial common area. Despite police orders to disperse, protesters’ chants grew louder as tensions escalated.

Moving trucks were deployed to assist police in clearing the encampments.

Northeastern University characterized the demonstration as a violation of the student code of conduct, citing unauthorized use of the university’s quads for scheduled events. However, many students expressed willingness to face disciplinary action from the university as they advocated for a ceasefire in Gaza and divestment from companies with ties to Israel.

Amid the arrests, Northeastern sophomore Alina Caudle defended the demonstration as peaceful and student-led, emphasizing the moral imperative of preventing innocent lives from being lost in conflict. She criticized the university for misrepresenting the protest and supporting the arrest of students.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, a total of 102 individuals were arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. They are being transported to the Suffolk County House of Correction for booking and processing.

In response to the arrests, Northeastern University announced via social media that approximately 100 individuals had been detained, with those without university identification facing arrest.

Footage from the demonstration captured one counter-protester holding an Israeli flag and chanting “Kill the Jews,” although no others appeared to join in the chant. Police had previously instructed individuals without school identification to leave the demonstration, and many of the detained protesters have since been released.

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