NY District Attorney Apologizes for Verbal Outburst at Cop, Cites Stressful Circumstances

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley issued a public apology after a video surfaced showing her verbally berating a police officer who pulled her over for speeding near her home in Webster, New York. Doorley attributed her outburst to a combination of work-related stress and personal concerns.

In her apology statement released on Monday, Doorley explained that she had just come from work, where she was dealing with the aftermath of three homicides that occurred over the weekend.

Additionally, she mentioned being deeply affected by a distressing medical issue involving her husband. These stressors, she said, contributed to her inappropriate behavior towards the officer.

Acknowledging her wrongdoing, Doorley expressed regret for her actions, emphasizing that she understands the challenges faced by law enforcement officers and acknowledging the difficulty she added to the officer’s job that day. Despite her remorse, Doorley was issued a traffic ticket and pleaded guilty to the violation.

Following the incident, Governor Kathy Hochul referred Doorley to a state commission responsible for investigating prosecutors’ conduct. Doorley, in turn, announced her intention to undergo ethics training and subject the case to review by another district attorney’s office.

In her concluding remarks, Doorley stressed the importance of accountability and respect for the law, affirming that no one, including herself as a district attorney, is exempt from adhering to traffic laws or the principles of professionalism.

The incident serves as a reminder of the pressures faced by public officials and the necessity of maintaining composure and respect, even in challenging circumstances.

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