A Haunted Road In New York That Will Give You Chills

Holland Road, also affectionately known as “Pigman Road,” is not your ordinary stretch of asphalt. It winds through the town of Angola, just south of Buffalo, and carries with it a dark and mysterious history. Locals whisper about the Pigman, a spectral figure who haunts this desolate road. Buckle up, dear reader, as we explore the eerie legends and spine-chilling encounters that have made Holland Road infamous.

The Legend of the Pigman

The Pigman’s tale is etched into the very fabric of Angola. According to local lore, a disfigured man once inhabited the area. His appearance was grotesque, resembling a hybrid of human and swine. The townspeople shunned him, and he retreated into the dense woods along Holland Road. There, he lived in seclusion, nursing his bitterness and anger.

One fateful night, tragedy struck. The Pigman’s shack caught fire, leaving him severely burned. Desperate and deranged, he roamed the road, seeking revenge on those who had scorned him. Some say he wore a pig mask to hide his disfigurement, while others claim he had mutated into a half-human, half-pig monstrosity.

Encounters on Holland Road

1. The Phantom Bell

Late at night, travelers report hearing a phantom bell tolling from St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery. The church’s bell rope was mysteriously severed, yet the bell continued to ring relentlessly. Was it the restless spirit of Peter Stuyvesant, the peg-legged Director General of New Amsterdam, who lies buried beneath the church?

2. Alexander T. Stewart’s Restless Soul

Alexander T. Stewart, a retail magnate and one of America’s wealthiest men, met an unusual fate. His corpse was stolen from St. Mark’s cemetery in 1878. Some say his wife secretly negotiated for its return, but Stewart’s ghost still roams the cemetery, searching for his misplaced remains.

3. The Singing Calvinist

Churchgoers have reported hearing Dutch hymns sung loudly during services. Could it be Peter Stuyvesant himself, expressing his displeasure over the church’s transition from Calvinism to Episcopalianism?


Holland Road remains a place of mystery and fear. Whether you believe in the Pigman or dismiss it as folklore, there’s no denying the palpable unease that hangs in the air. So, next time you find yourself driving down this haunted road, keep your eyes peeled for shadows in the trees and listen closely—you might just hear the Pigman’s mournful cries echoing through the night.

Remember, dear reader, some roads are more than mere asphalt; they carry the weight of centuries-old secrets and restless spirits. Drive cautiously, for Holland Road awaits, and its chilling legend will forever haunt your dreams.

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