What is Ohio’s Most Searched Ice Cream Flavor?

A recent study has revealed that Ohio’s favorite ice cream flavor is Superman, a vibrant and fun mix typically made with strawberry, banana, and blue moon ice creams swirled together. This colorful treat has captured the hearts of many, topping the list with an impressive average of 2,258 monthly searches by Ohioans.

Top Ice Cream Flavors in Ohio

Superman ice cream, which originated in the Midwest, has seen its popularity spread nationwide. It ranks third in the U.S. with nearly 40,000 average monthly searches. In Ohio, it is followed by Neapolitan and blue moon flavors, which take second and third place, respectively.

Neapolitan, the classic trio of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, holds the title of the most searched ice cream flavor in the U.S. with over 60,000 monthly searches. Other beloved flavors in Ohio include vanilla and spumoni, ranking fourth and fifth.

How the Study Was Conducted

Affordable Seating, a renowned restaurant furniture manufacturer, conducted this study by analyzing Google search data. They examined 102 different ice cream flavors to determine the most searched flavors both nationwide and in each state. Their analysis sheds light on regional tastes and preferences in ice cream.


Superman ice cream, with its unique and colorful combination, has clearly become a favorite in Ohio. Its popularity is not just limited to the state but is also widespread across the country. The delightful mix of flavors and eye-catching appearance make Superman ice cream a top choice for many ice cream lovers.

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