Warren Challenges DeSantis’ Claim on Hillsborough County’s Safety

Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren has disputed Governor Ron DeSantis’ assertion that the county is safer since Warren’s suspension. DeSantis defended his decision to suspend Warren but declined to comment on the possibility of suspending him again if reelected.

Warren, who has been fighting to be reinstated for the past 20 months, filed for reelection last week. DeSantis defended his actions, stating they were based on his constitutional authority and claiming they had made the county safer.

Responding to DeSantis’ remarks, Warren emphasized his record of success in reducing crime during his tenure. He criticized DeSantis for appointing Suzy Lopez, whom he described as “soft on violent crime,” as his replacement.

Statistics from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement indicate that Hillsborough County had a lower crime rate per 100,000 population during Warren’s last full year in office compared to other large counties in Florida.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister praised Lopez’s efforts in prosecuting criminals but did not provide data to support DeSantis’ claims.

DeSantis suspended Warren in 2022 for alleged neglect of duty and incompetence, replacing him with Lopez. Lopez, a Republican like Chronister, is now facing reelection and has raised substantial funds for her campaign.

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