Unveiling the City With the Highest Accident Rate in Ohio

With the holiday season in full swing, QuoteWizard, an online insurance comparison marketplace, has just released a study highlighting the 25 cities with the highest rates of car accidents across the United States.

Top Accident-Prone Cities

Let’s take a look at the top five cities topping the list:

  1. Columbus, OH
  2. St. Louis, MO
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. Sacramento, CA
  5. New Orleans, LA

Adam Johnson, QuoteWizard’s content manager, emphasizes, “Car crashes unfortunately happen all too frequently nationwide. However, crash rates vary significantly from one city to another. Whether it’s due to distracted driving, poor road conditions, or reckless drivers, some cities experience more accidents than others.”

Methodology Behind the Study

To compile this list, QuoteWizard analyzed data from over a million drivers who used its services. The company then weighted the accident counts for each city with frequency to determine accident rates.

Focus on Ohio Cities

Ohio drivers should pay close attention to this study’s findings. Cleveland and Akron, two cities from Ohio, have made it onto the list of the top 25 most dangerous cities for drivers in the U.S.

Rankings of Cleveland and Akron

According to a recent analysis by 24/7 Wall St., Cleveland ranked #11 and Akron #8 among the worst cities to drive in nationwide. Factors such as weather conditions, road infrastructure, and the effectiveness of addressing these issues play significant roles in ensuring driver safety.

Key Safety Metrics

Traffic Delays Per Commuter

Cities with significant traffic delays often witness riskier driving behaviors, resulting in higher accident rates. In 2020, Cleveland experienced an average of 29 hours of traffic delays per commuter, placing it in the top 10% for traffic delays among the 376 busiest metro areas in the U.S. Meanwhile, Akron had 27 hours of average traffic delays per commuter, landing it in the top 25%.

This comprehensive study sheds light on the cities where drivers face the highest risks of car accidents, highlighting the need for increased awareness and safety measures on the roads.

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