Two Strange Haunted Roads In Pennsylvania Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Have you ever thought about whether there are places on Earth where physics doesn’t seem to apply? You don’t need to look any further; Pennsylvania has two such mysterious places where you can see the unexplainable. These aren’t normal roads; they’re spooky thoroughfares full of stories and tales. Are you ready to go on a scary adventure?

Mudlick Hollow Road

Follow Gravity Hill, which is also known as Mudlick Hollow Road, a rural path that winds through the woods near New Galilee, Pennsylvania. People have seen ghosts, orbs, and other strange beings on this road, which has become famous for them. Some say it’s the curse of a nearby witch, while others say it’s the ghosts of a young couple who died in a car accident on their wedding night.

The most interesting thing about the road, though, is the gravity hill. When you put your car in neutral, it will seem to roll uphill, which is a strange sight. There are many theories about what happened. Some say the spirited couple is trying to help you get to safety, while others say it’s an evil witch’s trick. Whatever the reason is, this gravity hill will definitely give you the chills.

Kelley Road

This is the start of Kelley Road, which is also known as Mystery Mile. It is a small, winding road that goes from Industry, Pennsylvania to Ohioville, Pennsylvania. People are interested in this road because it has been linked to strange events like seeing UFOs, Bigfoot, and other cryptids. Some see it as a doorway to another world where strange things are normal, while others think the strange things are caused by magnetic fields or optical illusions.

But the road’s own gravity hill is the most mysterious thing about it. Put your car in neutral and watch it roll uphill as if it were defying gravity. Theories include the idea that aliens are trying to take you hostage or that it’s because the earth is curved, making it look like it’s tilting. No matter what the reason is, this gravity hill is sure to amaze you.

In Conclusion

Two strange and spooky roads in Pennsylvania don’t follow the rules of gravity. These places are must-sees if you want to have some fun and excitement. A word of warning, though: these roads are not for the weak of heart, as strange things could happen at any time. Are you brave enough to take on the task?

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