Two Strange Haunted Roads In Ohio Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Ohio is a state steeped in history and natural beauty, but it also harbors some of the most intriguing urban legends in the United States. Among these are two peculiar roads that have captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike: King Memorial Road in Mentor and Euler Road in Oxford, also known as Crybaby Lane. These roads are notorious for their strange phenomena where gravity seems to defy explanation.

King Memorial Road: The Phantom Bicyclist

King Memorial Road is shrouded in the tragic tale of a bicyclist who met his end in an accident. Legend has it that if you stop at the intersection with Little Mountain Road and shift your car into neutral, a ghostly force will push your vehicle uphill. This phenomenon is attributed to the spirit of the deceased bicyclist, who is said to help drivers as a gesture of gratitude or perhaps out of loneliness.

Euler Road: The Crying Baby

Euler Road, or Crybaby Lane, is enveloped in a more somber legend. It is said that the ghost of a baby, hanged by its mentally distressed mother, haunts the area. Travelers who stop their cars near the Route 732 junction and shift into neutral report feeling their cars being pulled uphill, accompanied by the eerie sound of a baby’s cry.

Scientific Explanations

Despite the chilling stories, skeptics argue that these occurrences are optical illusions. The roads’ inclines and surrounding landscapes create the illusion of cars moving uphill when they are, in fact, rolling downward. The mysterious lights and sounds are often attributed to natural and man-made sources.


The tales of King Memorial Road and Euler Road serve as fascinating examples of how folklore can transform ordinary locations into sites of mystery and intrigue. Whether these roads are truly haunted or simply the subjects of elaborate urban legends, they continue to attract those who seek the thrill of the paranormal and the challenge of debunking myths.

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