Two Michigan Beaches Shine as Best in the U.S.

Michigan’s beaches have always been a cherished summer getaway for locals, and now they’re getting the national spotlight. Fodor’s Travel, a trusted name in travel advice for over 80 years, has recognized two Michigan beaches as some of the best lake beaches in the U.S. This nod highlights the stunning, salt-free shores of the Great Lakes that offer a perfect retreat for beachgoers.

Michigan’s Top-Rated Beaches

1. North Shore Beach, Grand Haven

Ranked seventh by Fodor’s Travel, North Shore Beach in Grand Haven is a gem for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Nestled just northwest of downtown, this beach offers a serene escape with the added bonus of being close to Grand Haven State Park.

Visitors can enjoy a peaceful day by the water or stroll along the nearby Grand River Channel. However, with the beach’s coastline gradually receding, now is an opportune time to experience its charm.

2. The Beaches of Sleeping Bear Dunes, Traverse City

Sleeping Bear Dunes is a staple of Michigan’s beach scene, and for good reason. Stretching over 35 miles along Lake Michigan, it’s a paradise for hikers, sunbathers, and adventurers alike.

The clear waters and expansive dunes create a stunning landscape that’s perfect for both relaxation and exploration. Whether you’re climbing the dunes or lounging by the water, Sleeping Bear Dunes offers an unforgettable experience that epitomizes the natural beauty of Michigan.

Embracing Michigan’s Beach Culture

In Michigan, summer means heading to the beach. Families, friends, and solo travelers alike flock to the shores to soak up the sun and enjoy the cool, fresh waters of the Great Lakes.

Fodor’s recognition of Michigan’s beaches echoes what residents already know: these lakeshores are among the best places to be when the weather warms up.

Other Must-Visit Michigan Beaches

Beyond North Shore Beach and Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan boasts several other stunning beach destinations. Here are a few to add to your summer itinerary:

Tawas Point State Park: Known as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” this Lake Huron beach features a unique landscape and beautiful views.

P.J. Hoffmaster State Park: Located in Muskegon, this park offers three miles of scenic Lake Michigan shoreline and the captivating Dune Overlook Trail.

Oval Beach, Saugatuck: A peaceful haven with rolling dunes and clear water, perfect for those seeking a quiet day by the lake.

Silver Beach County Park, St. Joseph: A favorite for families, this park offers a spacious, clean beach and easy access to the South Pier for fishing and strolling.

What Sets Michigan’s Beaches Apart?

One of the key attractions of Michigan’s beaches is the absence of saltwater. The Great Lakes provide fresh, clear water, ideal for swimming and various water activities without the sting of salt.

The surrounding landscapes, featuring everything from towering sand dunes to lush forests, create a picturesque setting that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for a day of adventure or simply want to relax, Michigan’s beaches have something for everyone.

Plan Your Beach Day

With summer in full swing and schools out, it’s the perfect time to explore these acclaimed beaches. Whether you’re a local looking for a quick getaway or planning a trip from afar, Michigan’s beaches offer a blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities that promise a memorable experience. So grab your beach gear and head out to discover why these shores are some of the best in the country.

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