Trial of Former Town Administrator Postponed Indefinitely

The trial of former Town Administrator John Anderson has been postponed indefinitely.

Anderson’s trial on two counts of indecent exposure and lewdness was originally scheduled for Dec. 13, 2013. It was moved to Feb. 10 due to a scheduling conflict, and moved again to March 7. The trial will not take place on March 7, however, but a hearing on various aspects of the charge will be held instead.

James Boffetti, acting County Attorney, said while he is not handling the case personally, he spoke to the staff of prosecutor Kirsten Wilson and learned that the case has been continued based on the amount of time both parties think is needed for the trial.

Boffetti explained that with district courts running on a tight budget, scheduling is important. The Anderson trial is expected to take at least half a day, he said, and the Derry District Court has to look for a date with enough time to set aside for a lengthy trial. “They have a substantial case load,” he explained.

Anderson was arrested July 10, 2013 on charges that he exposed himself to a door-to-door salesman of DirecTV services. He was placed on paid administrative leave the next day in an emergency meeting of the Town Council, and Assistant Town Administrator Larry Budreau assumed his duties. His employment with the town was terminated in October.

Anderson’s attorney, James Rosenberg of the Shaheen and Gordon firm, is contending that Anderson is not guilty of a crime for something that occurred in his own home.

Rosenberg is also questioning why the salesman remained in the home, allegedly delivering his entire sales pitch.

Anderson is free on $2,000 personal recognizance bail.