Town Council Reaches Contract Agreement With Police Union

By Alex Malm

DERRY – During the Derry Town Council bi-montly meeting on May 18 one of the items that was discussed was in regards to pride month which is celebrated across the country in June.

Derry Town Council Chairman James Morgan said that he wanted members of the Council to support a proclamation for the month, saying that they are the fourth largest community in New Hampshire and that the other three largest communities, Nashua, Concord, and Manchester all celebrate it.

“I would really like support from the council to do a proclamation on June 1 recognizing pride month and struggles that the LGBT community has and the benefit of diversity and the benefit of inclusion,” said Morgan.  “I think that given some of the problems that have happened over the last year in town we could use a little of this, and a little remembrance of that.”

Morgan asked that a pride flag be hung up in the lobby in the Municipal Center and that the proclamation be on display there as well starting on June 1.

The other members of the Council were in agreement that they should do it.

In other news, Derry Town Administrator David Caron said that during the last meeting the Council requested an update about the status of the recreation programs in Derry which he provided.

“I’m pleased to report that I believe virtually all of the events are being planned and are ongoing,” he said.

He said that the recreation leagues are in season right now and the tennis courts, pickleball courts, playgrounds, and parks are all open right now.

Caron also asked Derry Parks and Recreation Director Kim Walsh if there are any events that they normally sponsor that aren’t being planned for this year.

Walsh said that they are planning on having all of their normal events pending any issues with any vendors not wanting to participate due to the pandemic.

“We are moving forward as we did two years ago before COVID. We’re looking to move forward with everything we can,” she said.

She noted that this also includes the concert schedule and that they are planning on going forward with the town fireworks this summer.

Caron also announced during the meeting that they reached a contract agreement with the Derry Police Patrolman’s Association.

He said that all seven of their collective bargaining agreement units expire on  June 30.

“This is the first unit that we reached an agreement with,” Caron said.

Caron said that the main change to the contract compared to the previous agreement was in regards to the wages. He said that for the first year they would receive a 1.5 percent bonus. For the second and third year they will receive a 2 percent increase for their base of pay.

He said that there weren’t any other major changes to the contract.

Before casting his vote Derry Town Councilor Joshua Bourdon said that he was thankful for the hardwork from the staff in order to make the deal happen.

“I want to thank Dave Caron and our lawyers as well as the police. I think by agreeing to this it shows that they care about the taxpayers,” he said.

The Board voted in favor of the contract agreement with a vote of 7-0.

The next Derry Town Council meeting is slated for July 1 at 7 p.m.

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