Time for Lake Drawdowns Coming Up

It’s that time of year again when the lakes and ponds around the state are drawn down. In Derry the state will draw down Ballard Pond, which is fed by Taylor Brook, on Oct. 12 to a level of two feet below the normal high water mark.

The Town of Derry will draw down Beaver Lake starting Monday, Columbus Day, Oct. 12. The level of the Beaver Lake drawdown depends to a large extent on Mother Nature. If there is little or no rainfall during the period between Oct. 12 and the end of the month, the drawdown will be more significant than if there is rain.

The purpose of the drawdown is to allow owners of waterfront properties to clean their waterfront area. Permits from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) Wetlands Bureau are required for any major repairs or wall building projects.

After the drawdown at Beaver Lake, the boards are replaced at the meadow dam and the lake is allowed to rise again for the winter.

According to the State, the Ballard Pond depth of drawdown is from the normal full pond level.

Due to changing ice and hydrologic conditions, the levels can vary throughout the winter.

The State lake and pond drawdowns are conducted each fall to reduce winter ice damage to shoreline properties and to reduce spring flooding. Generally, lake levels are allowed to return to the normal full pond level in the spring

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department recommends that if special drawdowns are to be conducted for the purposes of repairing property such as retaining walls or private boat ramps, they occur only once in every five years.