This Washington County Has the Most Weed Smokers! You Won’t Believe It!

Around the world, cannabis is becoming more accepted, prompting many countries to rethink their laws around its use. Out of 70 nations that have made some changes to their marijuana policies, one country stands out as a major consumer.

Recent data shows that Israel leads the world in cannabis consumption, with 27% of adults using marijuana regularly. Israel’s progressive approach to cannabis, including legalizing medical marijuana in the 1990s and allowing personal cultivation in 2019, has contributed to this high usage rate.

The country is also known for its pioneering research in cannabis, with scientists like Dr. Raphael Mechoulam making significant discoveries about THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana. Additionally, the ongoing conflict with Hamas has led to more Israelis using medical cannabis to cope with conditions like PTSD and chronic pain.

Following Israel, Jamaica takes second place, with 18% of adults using cannabis. Jamaica made reforms in 2015 that decriminalized possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana, with exceptions for religious use by Rastafarians. The United States ranks third, with over 17% of adults regularly using marijuana, a number that continues to climb as more states legalize cannabis.

As attitudes toward cannabis change globally, the number of users is expected to increase. Many countries are considering further reforms, and coordinated efforts by international organizations like the United Nations could shape the future of cannabis legalization around the world.

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