This Pennsylvania Hospital is One of the Creepiest Places in the State

Pennsylvania, fondly known as the Keystone State, harbors a treasure trove of historic locations steeped in tales of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. Here, we unveil a collection of haunted attractions across Pennsylvania, where you can immerse yourself in captivating history and, perhaps, encounter the supernatural.

1. Farnsworth House Inn

Location: Gettysburg

Nestled in Gettysburg, the Farnsworth House Inn witnessed the turmoil of the Civil War, serving as refuge for Confederate sharpshooters and a makeshift hospital. Today, it stands as one of America’s most haunted places, offering guests the chance to partake in ghost hunts and guided tours through battle sites and cemeteries.

2. Old Jail Museum

Location: Jim Thorpe

Step into history at Jim Thorpe’s Old Jail Museum, where the spirits of seven Molly Maguires linger. These Irish coal miners met their fate here in 1877, leaving behind a mysterious handprint in cell 17, a poignant reminder of their plight.

3. Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park

Location: Centre Hall

Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park beckons adventurers to uncover the tragic tale of Nita-nee and Malachi Boyer, a Seneca Indian maiden and her forbidden love. Delve into American Indian and pioneer folklore amidst the cave’s depths.

4. Cathedral of Learning

Location: Pittsburgh

The Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh boasts the enigmatic Early American Room, where whispers of shifting furniture and flickering candles echo through the halls. Explore this eerie sanctuary and witness the inexplicable phenomena that linger within.

5. Mishler’s Theatre

Location: Altoona

Mishler’s Theatre in Altoona echoes with the spectral presence of Isaac Mishler, a figure from its storied past. Visitors have reported encountering his ghostly apparition and catching whiffs of lingering cigar smoke during performances.

6. Haunted Hill View Manor

Location: New Castle

Venture into the haunted corridors of Haunted Hill View Manor, a former sanctuary for the mentally ill. Visitors share tales of disembodied voices, ethereal apparitions, and eerie manifestations that haunt this abandoned institution.

7. Jean Bonnet Tavern

Location: Bedford

The Jean Bonnet Tavern, steeped in centuries-old history, beckons travelers with its savory delights and spectral encounters. Guests recount eerie encounters with phantom figures and inexplicable sensations within its hallowed walls.

8. Eastern State Penitentiary

Location: Philadelphia

Journey into the dark recesses of Eastern State Penitentiary, where the spirits of former inmates linger in the shadows. Brave souls can explore the cellblocks by day or embark on spine-chilling night tours to encounter the ghosts of the past.

9. Hotel Bethlehem

Location: Bethlehem

The historic Hotel Bethlehem plays host to a cast of friendly spirits, including an 1800s stage star who entertains guests in the lobby. Encounter these benevolent ghosts as you immerse yourself in the rich history of this charming establishment.

Ghost Tours

For those craving spine-tingling tales and ghostly encounters, Pennsylvania offers a selection of ghost tours:

Ghost Tour of Lancaster: Dive into tales of otherworldly vigils and star-crossed lovers.

Ghost Tours of New Hope: Follow the flickering lantern light and keep watch for spectral hitchhikers.

Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour: Explore the haunted sites of Allegheny County Jail and William Penn Hotel, where echoes of the past linger in the shadows.

Pennsylvania’s haunted attractions promise a blend of history and mystery, inviting visitors to embark on a supernatural journey through the heart of the Keystone State.

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