This North Carolina City Is the Weed Capital of the State, and Here’s Why

In Cherokee, North Carolina, the Great Smoky Cannabis Co. has made history by becoming the first legal dispensary for medical marijuana in the state. Situated within the Qualla Boundary, it stands as the sole destination where individuals can legally purchase medical cannabis in North Carolina.

Key Highlights

  • The Great Smoky Cannabis Co. holds the distinction of being North Carolina’s solitary legal dispensary for medical marijuana.
  • The grand opening on April 20 drew early crowds, signaling the enthusiasm surrounding this momentous occasion.
  • urchasers must be at least 21 years old and possess either an EBCI medical cannabis patient card or a valid medical marijuana card from another state.

In 2021, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Council took the groundbreaking step of legalizing medical marijuana within the Qualla Boundary. However, marijuana remains prohibited elsewhere in North Carolina and at the federal level.

Noteworthy Moments from the Grand Opening

On the morning of April 20, also known as 4/20 and celebrated by cannabis advocates, throngs of individuals congregated for the dispensary’s inaugural event. Among them was Chris Suttle, who journeyed from Chapel Hill, eagerly anticipating this day for over three decades.

“My phone was inundated with messages from people saying, ‘I just got the call! My card is ready for pickup!’” recounted Suttle. “I’ve encountered so many familiar faces today—individuals I’ve conversed with over the past five or six years, all awaiting this moment.”

Seven years ago, Suttle received a devastating diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor, with a prognosis of 9 to 12 months to live. Through his own microdosing regimen with cannabis, he experienced remarkable improvements in his health. This transformative experience inspired him to establish a North Carolina lobbying organization dedicated to advocating for the legalization of cannabis and psychedelics.

Predicted Community Impact

Suttle foresees the dispensary’s presence as a boon for both medical patients and tourism in the Qualla Boundary. “As long as visitors adhere to the regulations and refrain from taking products beyond the boundary, they can fully enjoy the amenities here,” he asserted. “From the casino to the nature trails and waterfalls, there’s much to relish.”

This opening heralds a significant advancement in medical cannabis accessibility within North Carolina, offering much-needed relief to patients while also contributing positively to the local economy.

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