This City Has Been Named The Poorest In Virginia

A recent report by Insider Monkey has revealed Richmond as the poorest city in Virginia. This analysis, based on recent census data, examined poverty rates, median household income, and unemployment rates across the country. Richmond, with a poverty rate of 21.1%, ranks as the 30th poorest city in the United States.

Richmond’s Poverty Challenges

A 2016 report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation highlighted the severity of child poverty in Richmond, with a rate of 39%, more than double Virginia’s overall rate. Additionally, Richmond had the second-highest rate of eviction filings and judgments among U.S. cities with populations over 100,000.

Contributing Factors

Certain neighborhoods, such as the Creighton Court public housing complex, have high concentrations of poverty, significantly impacting Richmond’s overall poverty rate. These areas face limited resources and economic opportunities, contributing to the city’s high poverty levels.

Roanoke: The Poorest Big City in Virginia

Roanoke has been identified as the “Poorest Big City” in Virginia. With a population of just over 99,000, Roanoke has a median household income of $51,523, a poverty rate of 19.11%, and a per capita income of $33,206.

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