This City Has Been Named the Murder Capital of Ohio.

Ohio is a state with a diverse population and a rich history, but it also has its share of crime and violence. According to the FBI crime data, there were 70 cities in Ohio where a murder was reported in 2024. However, one city stands out as the most dangerous and deadly in the state: Cleveland.

Cleveland’s High Murder Rate

Cleveland, the second-largest city in Ohio and the seat of Cuyahoga County, has been named the murder capital of Ohio for 2024, based on the number and rate of murders per capita. The city recorded 145 murders in 2024, the most in the state and the 11th most in the nation. The murder rate in Cleveland was 39.9 per 100,000 people, the highest in the state and the 10th highest in the nation.

The causes and factors behind Cleveland’s high murder rate are complex and multifaceted, but some of the common themes include poverty, drugs, gangs, guns, and racial tensions. Cleveland has a poverty rate of 30.8%, the second-highest in the state and the 12th highest in the nation.

The city also has a high rate of drug abuse and overdose deaths, especially from opioids and fentanyl. Gang violence and turf wars are another major source of homicides in Cleveland, as well as illegal gun trafficking and easy access to firearms. Additionally, Cleveland has a history of racial discrimination and police brutality, which have eroded the trust and cooperation between the community and law enforcement.

Cleveland’s Efforts to Reduce Murders

Despite the grim statistics, Cleveland is not giving up on its fight against crime and violence. The city has implemented various initiatives and strategies to prevent and reduce murders, such as:

  • The Violence Reduction Task Force, a collaboration between local, state, and federal agencies to target the most violent offenders and gangs in the city.
  • The Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance, a community-based organization that employs former gang members and ex-offenders to mediate conflicts and mentor at-risk youth.
  • The Cure Violence program, a public health approach that treats violence as a contagious disease and intervenes to stop its spread.
  • The Operation Legend, a federal operation that deployed additional agents and resources to assist local authorities in solving violent crimes and arresting fugitives.
  • The Police Reform Plan, a court-ordered agreement between the city and the Department of Justice to improve the policies and practices of the Cleveland Division of Police, especially regarding the use of force and accountability.


Cleveland is a city that faces many challenges and struggles, but it is also a city that has many strengths and opportunities. The city has a vibrant culture, a diverse population, a rich history, and a resilient spirit. The city is not defined by its crime and violence, but by its potential and promise. By working together, the city and its residents can overcome the obstacles and achieve a safer and brighter future.

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