This Buffet Has Been Named the Best in Florida

Are you someone who enjoys indulging in a wide variety of dishes without the hassle of ordering multiple courses? Buffets offer the perfect solution, allowing you to sample an array of flavors all in one sitting. Whether you’re a seafood lover, sushi enthusiast, or steak connoisseur, buffets cater to every palate, making them a favorite dining choice for many.

According to Yelp’s latest findings, Mizumi Buffet & Sushi has been crowned as Florida’s premier buffet destination. Established in 2019, this North Miami Beach restaurant offers an extensive selection of delectable treats, ranging from succulent crab legs and fresh salmon to savory steak tataki and, of course, an impressive assortment of sushi rolls. Not to mention the popular hibachi grill that receives rave reviews from patrons.

One satisfied diner, Billy N., shared his glowing review of Mizumi:

“Amazing in every sense of the word! Visiting the Miami area from Portland, we were eager to treat our family to a buffet experience not available back home.

Mizumi surpassed all our expectations! From the sumptuous snow crab to the expertly crafted sushi and the delightful self-serve gelato, everyone left satisfied and content. Thank you, Mizumi, highly recommended!”

Located at 3207 NE 163rd St. in North Miami Beach, Mizumi Buffet & Sushi awaits to tantalize your taste buds and provide a memorable dining experience for all.

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