This Beautiful Town Has Been Named the Happiest City in Florida

Travel and Leisure recently named Apalachicola, Florida, one of the happiest small towns in America. This quaint coastal town came in eighth on the list, which looked at factors like population size, poverty rate, median household income, property values, and crime and education statistics.

Nestled on the shore of Apalachicola Bay in the Florida Panhandle, Apalachicola is known for its rich history and vibrant community. The town is famous for its delectable seafood, hosting the annual Florida Seafood Festival every November. This event draws visitors eager to sample local cuisine and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The report praised Apalachicola for its walkable attractions and pristine beaches, which contribute to its reputation as a happy and peaceful place to live. The town’s low cost of living and low poverty rate further enhance its appeal as a close-knit community.

With a population of just over 2,300, Apalachicola offers a serene and scenic setting that makes it stand out among the happiest small towns in the country. This recognition not only boosts local pride but also encourages tourism, inviting more people to discover the town’s unique charm.

Top 10 Happiest Small Towns in America

  1. White Rock, New Mexico
  2. Sugarcreek, Ohio
  3. Tybee Island, Georgia
  4. New Harmony, Indiana
  5. Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  6. Makanda, Illinois
  7. Caribou, Maine
  8. Apalachicola, Florida
  9. Silverton, Colorado
  10. Bisbee, Arizona

Apalachicola’s place on this list highlights its status as a coastal gem in Florida, celebrated for its strong sense of community, beautiful surroundings, and happy residents.

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