The ‘Richest Town’ in the state is a Washington spot

In the landscape of wealth across Washington State, Clyde Hill shines as a beacon of prosperity. Nestled in King County, this suburb of Seattle has earned the distinguished title of the state’s richest town, boasting a median household income surpassing $238,958, according to data from lending company TitleMax.

Home to over 3,100 residents, Clyde Hill exudes an air of luxury and exclusivity. Its appeal extends beyond financial wealth, encompassing its scenic surroundings and upscale amenities. With an impressive A+ rating on Niche, it’s evident why Clyde Hill stands out among its peers.

This recognition as Washington’s wealthiest town reflects a broader trend observed nationwide. Suburbs and smaller communities often draw affluent individuals and families seeking privacy, safety, and unique features absent in larger urban areas.

TitleMax’s analysis, drawing from U.S. Census data, sheds light on the prevalence of wealth in select towns across the country. These locales, ranging from suburban enclaves to gated communities and hidden neighborhoods, epitomize prosperity.

While Clyde Hill claims the top spot in Washington, similar towns across the United States boast equally impressive incomes. Leading the pack is Monte Sereno in California, with an astounding 68.8% of households earning over $200,000 annually.

Other notable mentions include Scarsdale in New York, Mission Hills in Kansas, Short Hills in New Jersey, and Cherry Hills Village in Colorado, showcasing the widespread affluence found in these communities.

In essence, Clyde Hill’s designation as Washington’s wealthiest town not only underscores its financial success but also reflects a broader trend of prosperity in select locales across the country.

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