The Poorest Town in Ohio has been Revealed

Ohio has a lot of history, culture, and business. It also has a lot of different landscapes and is home to famous people like Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, and LeBron James. Lake Erie, the Hocking Hills, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park are just a few of the beautiful nature spots in the state. Ohio has some good things about its economy, but it also has some problems. For example, the typical household income in Ohio is $61,938, and the poverty rate is 13.9%, which is a little higher than the national average.

The Neediest Town is Lincoln Heights.

Lincoln Heights is Ohio’s smallest town. It is in Hamilton County, which is in the southwest of the state. With about 3,100 people living in poverty and a shocking 63.1% poverty rate, it is having a hard time with money. A report from 24/7 Wall St. says that the typical household income in Lincoln Heights is only $12,183, which is 80.3% less than the state median and 82.4% less than the national median.

A View from the Country

Not only is Lincoln Heights the poorest town in Ohio, it is also one of the poorest towns in the whole country. RoadSnacks put it at number 10 on their list of the 100 poorest places in the United States for 2023, saying that the typical household income is $12,183 and that 64.4% of people there live in poverty. A 19.6% unemployment rate and a low home value of $72,600 are also talked about in the study.

Why Lincoln Heights Used to Be Poor in the Past

Lincoln Heights was founded in 1923 as a self-governing African American neighborhood. It has had problems in the past, such as racism and being cut off from the rest of the world. Even though famous people liked the village, it had trouble with resources, infrastructure, and business possibilities.

Economic Troubles: Because Lincoln Heights depends on industry and services, the town has had trouble when the economy goes down. It is hard for the town to provide basic services because it has a small tax base, high living costs, and few job opportunities.

Education Problems: Lincoln Heights has a problem with having few people who have finished school. Over 25-year-olds in the area only have 66.8% of their high school diplomas and only 5.9% have bachelor’s degrees. The community’s educational problems are made worse by the state schools, which get a score of 2 out of 10.


Even though Ohio is proud of its variety, it also has to deal with social and economic problems. The fight against historical, economic, and educational hurdles is shown by Lincoln Heights, which is the state’s poorest town. It will be very important for Ohio to take on these problems if it wants to improve the freedom, chances, and quality of life for all of its people.

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