The Most Unfriendly Places People Have Ever Visited

Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes, it doesn’t turn out quite as expected. Some destinations leave you with more than just photos and souvenirs—they leave you with a feeling of being unwelcome. We asked Reddit users to share their experiences, and here’s a look at some of the most unfriendly places they’ve encountered.


“Nigeria was a nightmare,” shared Suzzie_sunshine. “Everything felt crooked and unsafe throughout the trip.” This sentiment is echoed by many who’ve visited, with locals also expressing a sense of insecurity. The country’s issues have historical roots, with stories of dangerous encounters and unsettling experiences that paint a grim picture for travelers.

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica, is often described as a city fortified by concrete walls and barbed wire, giving it a fortress-like appearance. Captain_Hammertoe describes a trip where he felt constantly on edge, warned not to walk the streets alone due to racial profiling, despite experiencing polite interactions with some locals.

The city’s reputation for safety issues overshadows any positive encounters, making it a place where the sense of danger lingers.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco, has a reputation for hostility that’s hard to shake. Peachy-carnahan’s visit was marred by aggressive locals and unpleasant interactions.

The city’s notorious guides often lead tourists astray, and merchants can be intrusive and demanding. Encounters with people trying to extort money or create uncomfortable situations were frequent, making Marrakech a challenging place for those not prepared for its aggressive hustle.


Egypt’s allure is tainted by its notorious reputation for scams and aggressive tactics. Simen155 recounts multiple attempts by locals to extort money, leading to frequent robberies. The experience was so fraught with risk that carrying cash became a serious concern, making the visit feel like a constant battle against being fleeced.

West Helena, Arkansas

West Helena, Arkansas, is noted for its sheer rudeness. Justinbeuke describes an experience at a local bar where he was openly mocked and dismissed. The bartender’s scornful comments and general disdain for visitors painted a stark picture of the town’s unwelcoming atmosphere.

NYC Customs

The customs experience at New York City’s airport was anything but friendly. TheBleeter describes feeling a mix of suspicion and hostility from customs officials, despite the “Welcome” posters in multiple languages. The harsh and contemptuous demeanor of the staff left a sour impression, overshadowing any other aspect of the visit.

A Small Town in Tennessee

Derp_State_Agent’s visit to a small town in Tennessee was marked by overt racial hostility. The reception they received felt strangely coordinated, with locals making it clear they were unwelcome. This experience led to a swift departure from the town, highlighting a troubling undercurrent of intolerance.


Italy, while beautiful, was described as unwelcoming, especially for Americans. Redditors report encounters ranging from theft to rude service, making for a generally negative experience. The feeling of being treated like an outsider rather than a guest left a lasting impression of discomfort.

South Africa

South Africa’s stunning landscapes are overshadowed by a pervasive sense of danger. Prize-Ad560 found the country terrifying and unsafe, with some U.S. cities like St. Louis and Albuquerque also coming in for criticism due to their cold and aggressive atmospheres. The contrast between South Africa’s beauty and its inherent risks made it a place where the fear outweighed the enjoyment.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia’s reputation for rudeness was evident during a family vacation. From unhelpful security staff to confrontational interactions, the visit was filled with moments that felt more like obstacles than pleasant experiences. The series of unwelcoming encounters left a mark on their perception of the city.

Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, the Museum of Tech and Science cafeteria was a low point in hospitality, with food workers exhibiting extreme discontent. Similarly, the Moose Lodge in Ft. Myers, FL, was noted for its exclusionary attitude towards outsiders, adding to the list of places where friendliness seemed in short supply.

Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Towns

Driving through rural Pennsylvania, DeadEndStreets encountered areas that felt abandoned and unsettling. These “forgotten” towns contributed to a sense of unease, adding another layer to the list of unfriendly travel experiences.

Travel can be a roll of the dice, and while some places may disappoint, others might surprise you with their warmth. Being aware of these experiences can help you navigate your journey with a bit more caution and hopefully avoid some of the unfriendliness along the way.

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