The Most Picturesque Small Towns in Rhode Island

Rhode Island might be the smallest state in the U.S., but it’s packed with charming small towns that are perfect for a weekend getaway. With its beautiful Atlantic coastline, historic buildings, and dense forests, it’s no wonder visitors are drawn to its quaint, picturesque towns. Here are some of the best small towns in Rhode Island to explore.


Newport, once dubbed America’s first resort town, is renowned for its stunning ocean views and historic mansions. Nestled in Narragansett Bay, Newport boasts 11 historic homes, including the famous Breakers mansion, showcasing 250 years of opulent architecture and lush gardens. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the luxurious lives of the Vanderbilt family and other historical figures.

Newport is also home to 18 National Historic Landmarks, such as the Touro Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the U.S. A scenic drive along Ocean Drive Historic District reveals breathtaking views and passes landmarks like Hammersmith Farm and Fort Adams State Park, both steeped in history.


Located on a tiny peninsula in Narragansett Bay, Bristol epitomizes the quintessential New England town with a rich shipbuilding heritage. The Herreshoff Marine Museum highlights the town’s maritime legacy, including the famous Herreshoff brothers’ contributions to boatbuilding.

Bristol is also known for hosting the oldest continuous Fourth of July celebration in the country, which started in 1785. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Colt State Park, featuring stunning coastline views, sandy beaches, and numerous hiking trails.


Tiverton, a scenic coastal town in the East Bay, is famous for its charming wood-shingled homes and historic stone walls. The Cook-Bateman Farm offers a peek into colonial-era life with its well-preserved buildings. Tiverton Four Corners, a quaint village with 18th-century structures, provides a delightful historic walking tour.

Nature lovers can explore Sapowet Marsh, a 138-acre wildlife preserve with sandy beaches, saltwater marshes, and diverse birdlife, making it an ideal spot for bird-watching and enjoying beautiful sunsets.


Narragansett is a seaside town known for its four beautiful beaches and vibrant surf culture. The historic Coast Guard House is a great spot for seafood, while the Port of Galilee, one of the largest commercial fishing ports on the East Coast, offers fresh catches daily.

Visitors can also explore the historic Towers, the remaining part of the Narragansett Pier Casino, which was a central entertainment hub before it was destroyed by fire in 1900.


Located on Conanicut Island, Jamestown is a peaceful seaside community often compared to Nantucket. The Jamestown Windmill, a three-story structure used to grind corn meal, is a notable landmark. Beavertail Lighthouse, the third oldest lighthouse in the U.S., offers a museum and stunning coastal views from Beavertail State Park.

Little Compton

Little Compton, in the rural part of Rhode Island, is known for its agricultural heritage. The town played a significant role in the poultry industry with the breeding of the Rhode Island Red chicken. Visitors can explore the Wilbor House, featuring historic barns and a schoolhouse.

Goosewing Beach Preserve is a haven for bird-watchers and nature lovers, offering walking trails through a barrier beach and salt marsh habitat.

East Greenwich

East Greenwich, located in the middle of the state, is rich in military history. The Varnum Memorial Armory Museum showcases a collection of weaponry and military artifacts. The Hill and Harbor Historic District reflects the town’s shipbuilding and shellfishing past, with many early homes still standing.

Goddard Memorial State Park Beach offers expansive green spaces, a golf course, and a performing arts center, surrounded by forested areas.

New Shoreham

New Shoreham, the smallest town in Rhode Island, is located on Block Island. The town is famous for its historic lighthouses, North Light and Southeast Lighthouse, both offering stunning views and historical insights. The Block Island National Wildlife Refuge is a critical habitat for wildlife and migratory birds, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Exploring Rhode Island’s Charm

Rhode Island’s small towns are a blend of historic charm, natural beauty, and cultural heritage. From the grand Newport Mansions to the serene beaches of Little Compton, each town offers a unique experience that captures the essence of New England.

Whether you’re exploring historic sites, enjoying fresh seafood, or hiking scenic trails, Rhode Island’s picturesque towns will make you feel right at home.

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