The Most Mosquito-Infested City in the United States Is This Alabama City

Annoying and potentially harmful, mosquitoes can disrupt your outdoor experiences and carry diseases. Although mosquitoes are prevalent across the United States, their presence varies from city to city. According to Orkin, a leading pest control company, the city with the highest mosquito population in the US is Los Angeles, California.

When looking at the state level, Alabama has two cities ranked among the top 20 most mosquito-infested in the nation. The most heavily affected is Birmingham, which occupies the 11th position on Orkin’s list.

What Sets Birmingham Apart?

Birmingham, Alabama’s most populous city, is renowned for its history of civil rights activism and cultural diversity. Additionally, the city boasts various attractions, including:

  1. The Birmingham Zoo is home to more than 800 animals representing six continents.
  2. Vulcan Park and Museum, which houses the world’s largest cast iron statue of the Roman god of fire.
  3. The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of jazz musicians from Alabama.
  4. The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum displays a remarkable collection of over 1,600 motorcycles and racing cars.

Why Does Birmingham Grapple with Mosquitoes?

Birmingham contends with a significant mosquito population due to various contributing factors:

Climate: Birmingham experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, muggy summers and mild winters, providing an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes.

Abundant Water Sources: The city is replete with water sources such as rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, and streams, creating breeding habitats for mosquitoes.

Urbanization: High population density and urban sprawl in Birmingham provide more opportunities for mosquitoes to find hosts and feed on human blood. Urban areas also contain artificial containers like tires, buckets, cans, and bottles that can collect water, serving as mosquito breeding sites.

Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes in Birmingham

Whether you reside in or are visiting Birmingham, it’s important to take precautions against mosquito bites. Here are some essential tips:

  1. When spending time outdoors, especially during the mosquito’s active periods at dawn and dusk, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants.
  2. Apply insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or oil of lemon eucalyptus to exposed skin and clothing.
  3. Install screens on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.
  4. Eliminate standing water around your property where mosquitoes can breed, such as in flower pots, bird baths, gutters, and pools.
  5. Seek medical attention if you develop symptoms associated with mosquito-borne diseases, including fever, headache, body aches, rash, or nausea.

While Birmingham ranks as one of the most mosquito-infested cities in Alabama and the US, following these precautions will help you enjoy the city’s attractions and charm while minimizing the risk of mosquito-related issues.

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