The Most Creepiest Place in Virginia That Will Scare You at Night

Virginia is a state that is replete with history and culture, but it is also a land of horror and mystery. There are numerous locations in Virginia that are purportedly haunted by the ghosts of the past or by other malevolent entities that lurk in the shadows. Some of these locations are widely recognized, while others are concealed gems that only the most daring individuals are willing to investigate. This article will transport you to some of the most unsettling locations in Virginia, where you will be terrified at night. Are you prepared to confront your fears?

Braley Pond Campground

Braley Pond Campground is a picturesque location in the George Washington National Forest that offers a variety of activities, including camping, fishing, hiking, and biking. However, this location has a darker side, as it was the location of a gruesome murder that occurred in 1986. A group of Satanists abducted, tortured, and murdered a young man named Raymond Wood, who subsequently disposed of his body in a pond.

His assassins were ultimately apprehended and sentenced; however, there are those who contend that his spirit continues to haunt the campground, seeking retribution. Campers have reported hearing screams, observing apparitions, and sensing a cold presence in the vicinity of the pond. Some have even asserted that they have observed Wood’s ghost emerging from the water, splattered with blood.

Ferry Plantation House

Ferry Plantation House is a 17th-century historic residence in Virginia Beach. It was constructed on the site of a former ferry landing, where a ferry boat capsized in 1810, resulting in the deaths of 11 individuals. The house has also witnessed several deaths, including a slave who was hanged on the property, a woman who died during childbirth, and a man who was shot during a duel.

The house is now a museum, where visitors can learn about its history and its 11 resident ghosts. Some of the paranormal activity reported here include footsteps, voices, doors opening and closing, objects moving, and cold spots. The most famous ghost is the Lady in White, who is believed to be the spirit of a former resident named Grace Sherwood, who was accused of witchcraft and drowned in the nearby river.

St. Albans Sanatorium

Formerly known as St. Albans Sanatorium, this psychiatric hospital in Radford was once regarded as the most haunted and violent location in Virginia. The hospital opened in 1892 as a boys’ school, but soon became a place of abuse, bullying, and suicide. In 1916, it was converted into a mental asylum, where patients were subjected to horrific treatments, such as electroshock therapy, lobotomy, and hydrotherapy.

Many patients died or turned insane, and some of them never left the building. The hospital closed in 2004, but it is still available for tours and investigations. Some of the paranormal phenomena reported here include apparitions, shadow figures, screaming, laughter, whispers, and physical attacks. Some of the most haunted areas are the bowling alley, the electroshock room, and the suicide restroom.

Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery is a beautiful and historic cemetery in Richmond, that is the final resting place of many renowned people, such as presidents, generals, governors, and writers. But it is also a site of legends, myths, and hauntings. One of the most notorious tales is that of the Richmond Vampire, a creature that was seen emerging from a collapsed tunnel in 1925, covered in blood and gore.

The vampire fled to the cemetery, where it concealed in the mausoleum of W.W. Pool, a wealthy businessman. Some say that the vampire is still there, waiting for its next victim. Another legend is that of the Iron Dog, a cast-iron statue of a dog that protects the grave of a little girl named Florence Rees. The dog is said to be friendly to children, but hostile to adults, particularly those who try to touch it. The dog has also been known to move around the cemetery, and sometimes disappear completely.

Glencoe Inn

Glencoe Inn, a bed and breakfast in Portsmouth, was constructed in 1890 as a private residence. It is both attractive and cozy. The inn is owned and administered by an amiable couple who extend a warm welcome to guests and provide delectable cuisine. However, the inn also has a darker side, as it is haunted by the spirits of two former residents who tragically passed away in the house.

The initial ghost is that of Elizabeth, a young woman who was murdered by her husband in the master chamber. The second apparition is that of a young boy named Tommy, who passed away from pneumonia in the attic. Their apparitions, voices, and caresses have been reported by both guests and staff. The Elizabeth Room and the Tommy Room are the most haunted rooms, as they are the locations where the spirits are most active.

In Conclusion

Virginia is a state that provides a plethora of attractions and activities for tourists, but it also offers a plethora of shocks and scares for those seeking a paranormal adventure. The locations we have listed are merely a small sample of the most eerie locations in Virginia that are sure to frighten you at night. However, there are numerous additional locations that you can independently explore. Please exercise caution and refrain from claiming that we did not warn you. Wishing you a delightful haunting

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