The Least Educated City In Washington Has Been Revealed

In the landscape of American education, the journey to a college degree is becoming increasingly challenging. With tuition costs soaring and student debt reaching unprecedented levels, the value of a bachelor’s degree in securing a stable career and financial well-being has never been clearer.

Across the nation, roughly 32.1% of adults aged 25 and older have attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. However, educational achievements vary widely from state to state, and certain cities lag behind the national average in terms of bachelor’s degree attainment.

In Washington state, the spotlight falls on Spanaway as the least educated city. Shockingly, only 13.9% of Spanaway’s adult population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, a stark contrast to the statewide average of 36.0%.

The impact of educational attainment on job opportunities is strikingly evident in the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Individuals with only a high school diploma face higher unemployment rates compared to their college-educated counterparts.

In Spanaway, an average of 7.5% of adults aged 25 to 64 were unemployed over the past five years, surpassing the state’s overall jobless rate of 4.0%.

These insights, gleaned from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey, shine a light on the educational divide present within cities and emphasize the critical role of investing in higher education for both individual career growth and the prosperity of communities.

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