The Coolest Underground Attractions in Arizona

Arizona’s stunning landscapes are just the beginning of its allure. Beneath the surface lies a hidden world waiting to be explored. If you crave adventure away from the usual tourist spots, Arizona’s remarkable caves offer a thrilling alternative. Rich in geological diversity and steeped in history, these underground marvels promise an unforgettable journey into the depths of natural wonder. Let’s delve into some of Arizona’s most captivating underground attractions.

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Nestled within the Whetstone Mountains, Kartchner Caverns State Park is a marvel of geological splendor. Discovered in 1974 by Gary Tenen and Randy Tufts, these limestone caverns harbor a treasure trove of breathtaking formations. Descend into the depths to encounter towering stalactites and stalagmites, delicate soda straws, and vibrant mineral deposits. The crown jewel, the Throne Room, boasts one of the world’s longest soda straw stalactites, stretching an impressive 21 feet.

What distinguishes Kartchner Caverns is its unwavering commitment to preservation. These living caves, with their delicate formations, are meticulously maintained in their natural state, with access restricted to guided tours. Knowledgeable guides lead visitors through the Big Room Tour, highlighting the caverns’ main attractions, while the Rotunda/Throne Room Tour offers a deeper exploration. Above ground, the visitor center features exhibits diving into the area’s diverse ecology and geology. Don’t miss the occasional Star Parties, where experts guide visitors through the celestial wonders using powerful telescopes.

Grand Canyon Caverns

Descend 200 feet below the earth’s surface to experience the Grand Canyon Caverns, one of Arizona’s premier underground attractions. Once designated as a fallout shelter in the 1960s, this remarkable site now offers the unique opportunity to stay in the world’s largest, quietest, and darkest motel. Your stay includes not just accommodations but also exploration of the caverns themselves. Guided tours, which include lunch at The Grotto, provide insight into the caverns’ history and geological wonders.

The Grand Canyon Caverns are not only cool but also steeped in history. As the largest dry caverns in the United States, they hold fossils and artifacts dating back millions of years. Visitors can marvel at the remains of a giant sloth, a bobcat, and even a mummified bobcat while learning about the caverns’ significance to Native American tribes and early explorers.

Titan Missile Museum

For a dose of Cold War history, visit the Titan Missile Museum, a unique institution offering a glimpse into America’s nuclear past. As the last remaining Titan II missile site, it provides a frontline view of the Cold War era. Explore the launch control center and peer into the missile silo, immersing yourself in a pivotal period of world history.

The museum offers various tours catering to different levels of interest and adventure. From the one-hour guided tour providing insight into underground facilities to the extensive five-hour Beyond the Blast Door Tour, which grants access to off-limits areas, including the cableway and blast lock, there’s something for every enthusiast.


These underground attractions merely scratch the surface of Arizona’s hidden wonders. Whether you seek natural beauty, historical intrigue, or adrenaline-fueled adventure, Arizona’s caves offer an unparalleled experience. So, don your headlamp and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the depths of Arizona’s subterranean realm.

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