Terrilyn Cheney Picked As New Hampstead Principal

By Alex Malm

HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead Central School will have a new principal and superintendent when students return to school this fall.

After recently hiring Robert Thompson to be the next superintendent earlier this year, the Hampstead School Board recently announced the hiring of its next principal Dr. Terrilyn D. Cheney.

Cheney is currently serving as the assistant principal for  the Hampstead Central School. She has served in that role since 2018.

“This well-deserved promotion will allow her the opportunity to continue supporting school culture and climate conducive to the educational experience of each of our students,” a press release from the school district stated.

Cheney’s credentials include collegiate degrees in Elementary Education, Literacy Education, a Doctorate of Educational Leadership; and a National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards.

“Additionally, she has an established track record as an effective leader and instructional strategist as demonstrated throughout her eighteen years of dedication in the field of elementary education, literacy, curriculum, and assessment,” the press release stated.

The search committee for the next principal was led by Hampstead School District Executive Director Mike Flynn.

Flynn said that he is completely confident in Cheney as being the right choice for the position.

“Not only am I completely confident that Dr. Cheney will perform with the maturity of a leader prepared for a new challenge, I recognize she will do so with an authority exuding confidence that sets students, staff, and the community at ease,” Flynn stated.

Hampstead School District Executive Consultant Earl Metzler, was also part of the search committee.

He said that Cheney has proven to be an educational leader.

“Terrilyn’s proven success as an educational leader is exactly what brought her onboard with Hampstead’s administrators in the summer of 2018. That quality, coupled with her unwavering commitment to the District is indicative of her readiness for Principalship.”

Cheney is expected to begin her new role starting on July 1.

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