Tax Bills Due Dec. 2 in Derry

After a six-month fight by Town Council members to reduce the tax rate, Derry property owners will see a 19-cent drop in their tax rate for 2015.

The town released its 2015 tax rate after the rate was set by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (DRA).

The tax rate is $29.23 per $1,000, down 19 cents from last year’s $29.42 per $1,000.

The rate is $9.16 for the Town (down from $9.72 in 2014), $16.37 for the Derry Cooperative School District (up from $16.11 in 2014), $2.61 for state education (up from $$2.44 in 2014), and $1.09 (down from $1.15 in 2014) for Rockingham County.

This year four Town Council members who ran on pledges to reduce taxes campaigned vigorously for a drop in the tax rate and voted in the majority to reduce taxes by $1.21 per $1,000. But a coalition of residents protested the deep cuts to police, fire and public works, and the funds were restored after a special election Oct. 13.

The restored funds were initially expected to bring a tax rate drop of $1.04 per $1,000, but that was based on the town’s being allowed to pro-rate the restoration of cut services. A legal opinion stated that due to the language in the petitions and the Oct. 13 vote, the town could not pro-rate and the full amount had to be restored. At that time the cut was estimated at 56 cents per $1,000.

Tax bills were mailed Nov. 20 and are due Dec. 2.