Surfers Killed in Likely Carjacking Incident in Mexico

Authorities in Mexico have confirmed the tragic deaths of three tourists who were found shot in the head and dumped in a well. The victims, identified as Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, aged 30 and 33 respectively, along with their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, went missing on April 27 while on a surfing trip in Ensenada.

According to officials, it’s believed that the men were attacked while attempting to thwart the theft of their pickup truck. The assailants allegedly targeted the vehicle for its tires and resorted to violence when the tourists resisted.

The bodies of the victims were discovered in a well approximately 4 meters deep, located around 6 kilometers from the scene of the attack in the town of Santo Tomás. Nearby, abandoned tents, a burnt white pickup truck, and a phone linked to the missing surfers were also found.

While investigating the incident, authorities detained two men and a woman suspected of direct or indirect involvement in the attack. One of the men has been charged with “forced disappearance.”

The FBI has also become involved in the case, collaborating with international partners to gather information.

The Ensenada area, known for its surfing conditions and located about 120 kilometers south of the US-Mexico border, has historically been considered safer compared to other regions plagued by violence stemming from local drug gangs.

The tragic loss of the Robinson brothers and their friend has deeply affected their loved ones and communities. Callum had been pursuing his dream of becoming a professional lacrosse player in the US, while Jake was visiting him before starting a new job as a doctor in Victoria, Australia. Their parents described them as “beautiful human beings” and expressed their profound grief.

Friends and acquaintances of the victims have taken to social media to pay tribute to their lives and share memories. Callum’s teammates at Stevenson University Lacrosse club remembered him as a warm and friendly individual, affectionately nicknamed ‘big koala’ for his endearing personality.

Carter Rhoad’s social media accounts showcased moments of happiness, including his proposal to his partner less than a year ago. A fundraiser initiated by his family’s friends emphasized the positive impact he and the Robinson brothers had on those around them.

The tragic incident has not only saddened but also incited fear and anger in the Ensenada region. Protesters have voiced demands for safer beaches, emphasizing the victims’ love for surfing and their pursuit of a peaceful activity.

In honor of the trio, a group of surfers performed a “paddle-out” ceremony, a poignant ocean vigil to commemorate their lives and legacy.

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