State Police Continue Their Investigation of Administrator

The New Hampshire State Police are continuing their investigation of Town Administrator John Anderson, with no new information as of press time Tuesday. Anderson, 50, was placed on paid administrative leave after an incident alleged to have happened at his Lane Road home Thursday, July 11.

Since he has not been formally charged, no details are being revealed to the public, State Police Capt. David Parenteau said. Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau said Tuesday morning that he has no more information than the general public, and that the State Police have not given him an expected date for the end of the investigation.

Budreau, who also serves as the town’s Human Resources director and assistant town administrator, said Anderson’s absence has not affected the day-to-day operations of the town in a major way. He credited the summer for this, stating that many people are on vacation and are not coming to the Administrator’s office with issues.

No specific responsibilities have been downshifted to other employees, Budreau said. He, Administrative Assistant Sheila Bodenrader and Human Resources Coordinator Catherine St. Ledger have been sharing what extra work there is, Budreau said. “We are busy but we are doing fine,” Budreau said.