South Range Recognizes ‘Miss Jane’ as Volunteer of Year

South Range School Principal Matt Olsen said he has an “amazing” job with amazing parents, students, staff – and volunteers.

He recognized one of those volunteers Tuesday, May 27, at the Derry School Board meeting.

Jane “Miss Jane” Gagnon is Olsen’s Volunteer of the Year for 2014.

Coming to South Range through the Foster Grandparent program, she’s made herself invaluable for four years, Olsen told the board and television audience.

Gagnon comes in almost daily and always with a smile on her face, Olsen said.

“She loves to watch the children learn and grow,” Olsen said.

He said Gagnon has lent a hand in everything from reading to and with the children to preparation of classroom materials.

“She goes above and beyond,” he said.

“I recommend the Foster Grandparent program to other schools,” Olsen concluded.

Gagnon was honored by Superintendent of Schools Laura Nelson with a certificate.