South Jersey Private School Teacher Dismissed for Racial Slur Incident

St. Augustine Preparatory School in Buena Vista Township has taken decisive action by terminating a teacher allegedly caught on video using a racial slur during a classroom reenactment of a film.

The school’s head, Rev. Robert J. Murray, addressed the incident in a letter to families of students on April 25. While the teacher’s name has not been disclosed publicly, the school provided a copy of Murray’s letter to the Courier-Post in response to inquiries.

Murray emphasized that such behavior contradicts the core values of St. Augustine Prep and is incompatible with its Catholic, Augustinian mission. He reiterated the school’s stance against racism or discrimination in any form or context.

Upon learning of the incident, Murray promptly consulted the school’s Leadership Team and took swift action in accordance with established policies, procedures, and values regarding employee conduct. The teacher involved was terminated from their position and escorted off-campus without incident.

The school informed students and staff about the incident during an assembly and provided counseling services. Faculty and staff also held private meetings to discuss school policies in light of the incident.

The school’s decisive response underscores its commitment to maintaining a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.

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