South Florida Faces Intense Spring Allergy Season

Medical professionals from Miramar to Pinecrest are reporting a particularly severe spring allergy season, attributing it to early pollen release from oak, elm, pine, and palm trees.

Sydney Gilden, a seven-year-old resident of Davie, recently joined the ranks of springtime allergy sufferers. Her symptoms, including persistent coughing, prompted her mother, Susie Gilden, to seek medical attention after bouts of strep throat and bronchitis.

Dr. Hanadys Ale, a Pediatric Immunologist & Allergist at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, notes that this year’s allergy season started earlier than usual, with tree pollen observed as early as February. Symptoms such as watery eyes, itchy nose, and coughing can often be mistaken for upper respiratory infections.

Dr. Danielle Squires of Kings Bay Pediatrics in Pinecrest emphasizes the challenge of treating allergies alongside acute viral processes. Sydney’s treatment regimen includes an inhaler and nose spray to manage her environmental allergies.

Susie Gilden expresses relief that Sydney’s condition is limited to environmental allergies, alleviating concerns about more serious respiratory illnesses.

To reduce exposure to allergens, experts recommend keeping windows closed, using air purifiers, changing clothes after outdoor activities, and monitoring pollen counts in South Florida.

As allergy sufferers navigate this intense season, proactive measures and proper medical management can help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.

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