Selectmen Approve Fireworks & Construction of Library Pavillion

by John Seidenberg
HAMPSTEAD – The Hampstead Board of Selectmen held its bi-monthly meeting on April 12. 

During the meeting Library IT Director Kate Thomas presented to the Board of Selectmen a proposal to build a pavilion for the library. 

Since the library is on Town owned property they needed to get permission from the Selectmen in order to be able to build the pavilion there. 

She said that the main reason why they want to be able to add a pavilion to the library’s property is because they won’t have to cancel different programming due to the weather like in the past. 

For example she said that many programs had to be canceled last year due to the rain.   

“Extending this space will allow another space for families in Hampstead to enjoy,” Thomas said. 

Thomas said that they plan on getting all of their funding for the pavilion through grants and therefore won¹t be asking for any tax payers dollars to build the pavilion. 

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to allow them to go forward with building the pavilion. 

While they won’t be seeking any funds from the Town, she noted that she knows that they will need to work with the planning board to meet any conditions they may have before they start working on the pavilion.

The board also discussed the upcoming fireworks display that is scheduled to take place this summer on June 26.

Board of Selectmen Administrative Assistant Sally Theriault explained that by the end of June about 72 percent of the community should receive their COVID-19 vaccination based on current projections and at that point a good portion of those who want to be vaccinated will be. 

“The figures look pretty good,” she said. 

She said that while the fireworks are a couple of months away they need to let the fireworks company soon if they want to go with the fireworks or not. 

The annual fireworks are also on the same day as the Hampstead Civics Club Festival.

While they weren’t ready to make a final decision about whether or not they could have the festival due to it requiring a lot more logistics in terms of socially distancing and following COVID-19 guidelines the Board of Selectmen ultimately agreed that it would be a good move to go with the fireworks this year. 

In other news, the Board of Selectmen approved a request that they would begin posting the board agendas on Thursday instead of Friday. Currently the agendas are posted on Fridays which is in line with the state requirements.

It was discussed that by having the agendas posted sooner they would be able to allow for more transparency of what they will be discussing at their upcoming meeting and will allow people more time to be able to attend meetings if they are interested in a certain topic. 

It would also allow for people to ask more questions to town staff by having it posted on Thursdays since typically right now the town hall closes shortly after they post the agenda. 

The next Hampstead Board of Selectmen meeting is slated for May 26 at 7 p.m.

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