Scooter Violence Escalates in the Bronx: Calls for Action Amidst Tragic Shooting

Two individuals, each masked and riding on separate scooters, unleashed a barrage of gunfire on a Bronx street on Tuesday night, resulting in the death of a 29-year-old man and injuries to three others, as per authorities.

The shooters, mounted on their scooters, discharged at least 10 rounds towards a group of men near the intersection of East Mount Eden Avenue and Townsend Avenue around 6:15 p.m., according to Assistant NYPD Chief Benjamin Gurley speaking at a press conference held at the scene.

The victim who tragically lost his life sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and leg, and despite efforts, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, Gurley stated.

The three wounded victims, all suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg, are aged 37, 31, and 23, according to law enforcement sources.

The perpetrators, donning hoodies and masks, swiftly fled the scene on their scooters after the shooting, Gurley reported. While one individual was taken into custody, police have yet to determine if they are directly linked to the shooting.

Authorities are probing the possibility of gang involvement in the incident. An NYPD spokesperson remarked, “It seems that way, but not sure,” during the briefing.

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry pledged a vigorous crackdown on illegal scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs in the aftermath of Tuesday’s shooting, promising enhanced community patrols in the Bronx neighborhood.

Daughtry revealed during the press conference that since the beginning of the year, 9,500 scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs have been removed from the streets, with 2,500 confiscated in the Bronx alone.

Moreover, Daughtry stated that 1,300 arrests have been made in connection with individuals on scooters on various charges.

Gurley emphasized the importance of holding repeat offenders accountable within the criminal justice system, stating, “That’s when we get the bang for our buck,” and highlighted collaboration with the DA’s office towards this end.

Bronx resident Al Morillo voiced support for the promised crackdown on illegal two-wheelers, advocating for the enforcement of regulations regardless of the individuals’ purposes for using scooters.

Another nearby resident, Jean Rosario, recounted the fear instilled by the gunfire, describing his wife’s distress upon hearing the shots and witnessing someone injured.

Rosario emphasized the indiscriminate danger posed by such incidents, reflecting on the unpredictability of stray bullets and the potential harm to anyone in the vicinity, including children or pedestrians.

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