School Taxes Cause 3.3 Percent Increase in Tax Bills

Derry taxpayers can expect to pay an average of $235 more, or 3.3 percent, on their tax bills for 2013.
The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration released the 2013 tax rate for Derry this past Friday in a press release by Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau.
The tax rate for 2013 is $31.49 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. It is an increase of $1.01 over the 2012 tax rate of $30.48.

The town’s overall assessed valuation increased by 0.7 percent, due to added property values from new construction and additions/ remodeling, Budreau wrote.
The breakdown of the new rate is as follows: Town services portion, $10.39, unchanged from $10.39 last year; school district, $17.34, up from $16.35 last year; state education rate, $2.62, up from last year’s $2.59; and county rate, $1.14, down from last year’s $1.15.
For a home valued at $232,700, the tax bill would be $7,328, up from last year’s $7,093, Budreau wrote.
Derry Cooperative School District Business Administrator Jane Simard said the increase on the school side is due in part to a reduction in state adequacy aid of more than $15 million. Salary and benefits were responsible for the remainder of the increase, Simard said.
Simard said the reduction in adequacy is responsible for 65 cents of the $1.01 increase, with the rest due to salaries and benefits.
She said $500,000 was returned from the unexpended fund balance to reduce the tax rate.
Simard said the impact on the 2014-15 budget would be discussed at Monday’s Budget meeting with the School Board and Fiscal Advisory Committee.