Sandown Selectmen OK Building Needs Committee

By Alex Malm

At the Dec. 19 Sandown Board of Selectmen meeting one of the agenda items was on the possibility of a building needs committee to look at the needs of the town hall building.
Town Administrator, Lynne Blaisdell, said following the feasibility being done, she thinks it’s important to continue the momentum of trying to make improvements.
She said they are in desperate need of more space.
Blaisdell stated when they created a new police station they had a building needs committee, which was important.
Currently, they have over $300,000 available to address immediate needs and can be used in the future.
Blaisdell said having a building needs committee will be good to help them formulate a plan so they can create a scope of work and help put it out to bid.
Her suggestion for the committee could be a member of the Board of Selectmen, the different inspectors they have, the fire chief, herself, and police chief, Joseph Gordon, who helped navigate the police department project. She added it would also be good to have at least a couple members of the public on the committee.
Gordon noted the difficulties town staff have with the lack of space saying there are many times he has called Blaisdell and there have been other people there.
Gordon said he didn’t think they should have a general contractor that works with them on the project.
Gordon stated that one of the reasons why he thinks it’s good to have a committee is to be able to solicit feedback from a number of different people about what should be done.
Noting the importance of having a good facility, Gordon said they have someone going to work for the police department since they have a better environment than where they are currently.
Board of Selectmen Chairman, Jonathan Goldman, said he thought it would be a good idea to have the committee.
It was asked if they would just be looking at the long term or short term needs as a committee and Blaisdell responded, “It’s both.”
The Board of Selectmen approved creating the committee.
Darren Hudgins, added he knows of at least one community member that expressed interest in being on the committee.