Sandown Budget Committee Hears From Department Heads

By Alex Malm

During the Nov. 3 Sandown Budget Committee meeting the Committee heard from a number of different departments in regards to their proposed budgets.

Presenting the Assessing Department budget was Sandown Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell.

Blaisdell explained that most of the items in the budget are contractual items.

She said that one of the biggest increases they had was for their software which they updated last year. Blaisdell said that last year the company only charged half for the cloud based storage and this year they have to pay full price for it.

The Budget Committee accepted the budget of $79,573 pending further review.

Treasurer Erica Olsen said that for her department the budget is the same except for payroll increases.

The budget of $4,263 was accepted pending further review.

For the Tax Collector’s budget, the proposed budget was for $75,400 for gross expenses, $65,000 for revenue and $10,400 for net expenses, which the Budget Committee accepted pending further review.

For the Town Clerk’s budget one of the questions asked was in regards to the dues line item which had a proposed increase from $20 to $440.

Town Clerk Dawn Nicolaisen explained that many times when people come in to register their tractor trailers, motor homes, and campers they don’t bring the MSRP with them. He said that before they had a program online that was free that they could use to look it up, however, it is no longer available.

She said that the dues in the budget represents “price digest” which is the new program they will be using.

The Budget Committee accepted the Town Clerk’s budget pending review with gross expenses of $74,750, revenue of $1,400,000 and net expenses of -$1,325,250.

Sandown LIbrary Director Adam Shlager said that the proposed budget of $337,182 reflected the salary increases that the Board of Selectmen approved for Town employees.

The Budget Committee accepted the budget pending further review.

Sandown Police Chief Joseph Gordon explained that they spoke to the Board of Selectmen and decided that it was best to take the few thousand dollars they had left for the Animal Control Budget and absorb it into the police department’s budget.

He said that they have struggled to find a new animal control officer but have someone they started off as part-time and will be a full-time animal control officer for the department going forward. They are expected to finish the academy in December.

The Budget Committee accepted the police department’s budget with net expenses of $802,815 pending further review.

The next Sandown Budget Committee meeting is slated for Dec. 1 at 7 p.m.