Safety Committee Looks at Changing Hillside Stop Signs

The Town of Derry will not eliminate the stop signs at the junction of Hillside and Beacon streets after reviewing a request of a resident. Resident Ron Boil had asked the Highway Safety Committee to consider removing the stop signs in two areas, Hillside at Jefferson Street and Hillsideat Beacon Street. The committee discussed the request at its Feb. 21 meeting, but decided not to remove the signs.

Committee member Albert Dimmock, who lives in that area, argued for removing the Hillside/ Beacon stop signs at the four-way stop. “It’s impossible to stop in winter when you’re coming down that hill,” Dimmock said. He was against removing the stop signs at Hillside and Jefferson, noting that in his opinion they are useless. But nobody stops at Hillside and Beacon, Dimmock said. He sat outside one night with a neighbor
and counted cars, “and only two stopped for the signs,” he said.

Highway Director Alan Cote disagreed, pointing out, “I think Beacon Hill needs a four-way stop. It has limited visibility.” Cote continued, “When you’re coming east and you look right over the hill, there’s a limited line of sight.” Cote said, “I know in winter it’s very challenging, but if people know there’s a stop sign, they will not come down that hill at 30 miles per hour.”

The signs at Jefferson were put in to control speeding, Cote said, but he could see removing the signs because “there is plenty of sight distance at Jefferson.” The committee voted unanimously to recommend to the Town Council that the town remove the stop signs at Hillside and Jefferson. A motion was made to eliminate the sign at Beacon and Hillside, and Dimmock’s was the only vote in favor. The rest of the committee voted against eliminating the sign.