Rain Impacts Public Works Maintenance

The recent rains, days upon days of them, have not affected Derry’s summer road projects, according to Public Works Director Mike Fowler. But they are putting a damper on regular maintenance.
The major project for spring and summer was the upgrading and sidewalks for Tsienneto Road, which is finished, Fowler said. The next major project, beginning to extend town water and sewer to Route 28, will not begin until fall.

In the meantime there’s regular maintenance to keep up with, between showers, he said.
It is difficult to keep up with mowing cemeteries and other town properties, Fowler said. “Anything that’s growing, we’re behind,” he said. The rain has also made it hard to fit in mowing for Derry’s several public parks.

Highway Director Alan Cote’s crews have been doing “paving here and there,” Fowler said, and working on projects such as repairing plow damage from the winter. He is pleased with the results on Tsienneto Road, which was contracted out to American Excavators. “Our department helped out some, with taking down trees and the drainage structures,” he said.

Eric Bodenrader, director of Derry Parks and Recreation, said the weather has “wreaked havoc” with his programs so far, many of which take place outdoors. “It’s so unpredictable,” he said.
The week of July 4 gave the department a reprieve, he said, though he has traditionally planned a light schedule for the holiday week.

This week was his first week of full programming, including children’s events at Hood Park and outdoor concerts at MacGregor Park. “We are keeping our fingers crossed,” Bodenrader said.