Rail Trail Near I-93 Gets Partial Closures for Blasting

The Derry Rail Trail will close for intermittent periods during May and June in response to blasting connected with the widening of Interstate 93.

Public Works Director Mike Fowler said last week that he was contacted by the safety manager of Maine Drilling and Blasting, the company contracted to work on I-93. The safety manager advised him that they wanted to secure a “safe zone” between Bowers Road and Windham Road while they were blasting.

That section of the Rail Trail is close to I-93, Fowler said. “You can see the cars,” he said. “This section is only 200 feet from the Interstate.”

Fowler contacted Mark Connors, vice-chair of the Rail Trail, to inform users of the closure.

Fowler said the closures will be “intermittent” and for five to 10 minutes, twice a day, most likely between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“We said OK, and passed it on to the Rail Trail,” Fowler said.

Fowler said the blasting company will put up signs at either end of the affected area and will provide flaggers and other safety measures at its expense.

“They have been extremely cautious to protect everyone’s safety,” he wrote in a memo.