Protests and Arrests at UPenn: Demonstrators Attempt to Occupy Campus Building

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators returned to the University of Pennsylvania in an attempt to occupy a campus building, leading to a confrontation with law enforcement and multiple arrests.

The gathering began around 8 p.m. on Friday, with hundreds of protesters congregating near Fisher Bennett Hall at 34th and Walnut streets. This action followed the dismantling of an encampment on campus by police the previous week.

Despite their efforts, protesters were met with resistance from police and were prevented from entering Fisher Bennett Hall. University officials reported that 19 individuals, including six students, were arrested during the incident. Twelve were cited for failure to disperse, among other charges, and subsequently released.

However, seven individuals remain in custody, awaiting felony charges, including one for assaulting a police officer. In a statement, the protesting group accused the University of Pennsylvania administration of failing to negotiate in good faith regarding what they perceive as the university’s investments in Israel.

Responding to the incident, a university spokesperson confirmed that individuals had entered Fisher-Bennett Hall and attempted to occupy it. Penn Police, supported by the Philadelphia Police, removed them from the premises and secured the building, resulting in several arrests. The situation remains active as authorities continue to address the aftermath of the confrontation.

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