Police Revoke Carnival Permit After Disturbance in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, chaos erupted at the Exton Square Mall during a carnival, leading to swift action from law enforcement. Police shut down the event following reports of disorder caused by a group of unruly juveniles. The disturbance, which unfolded on a Saturday night, was captured on surveillance cameras, revealing scenes of violence that were deeply concerning.

Surveillance footage from a business within the mall complex showed a disturbing incident where a group of young individuals attacked someone, resorting to punches and kicks as the victim fell to the ground. The victim, who was initially alone, found themselves surrounded by the group before becoming the target of the assault.

Promptly responding to the incident, the West Whiteland Township Police Department took the immediate step of closing down the carnival. Later, they announced the revocation of its permit, citing grave safety concerns for attendees.

Authorities are actively seeking to identify the victim, witnesses, and suspects seen in the footage, urging the public to provide any relevant information they may have.

Exton, situated about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, hosts the Exton Square Mall, a prominent commercial center in the area. Attendees of the carnival were advised to contact the organizer, Goodtime Amusements, for inquiries regarding refunds.

While Goodtime Amusements has not yet issued a formal response, they took to their Facebook page to announce their decision to withdraw from the Exton Square Mall indefinitely. They cited “out of control behavior and the unrest that transpired” as the primary reasons for their departure.

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