Police Officer Gets Raw Deal at Fast Food Restaurant

All he wanted was a midnight snack.
A third-shift patrolman with the Derry Police Department is mulling further action after a lunch break at McDonald’s on Crystal Avenue produced a hamburger that was pink not only in the middle, but all the way through.

This week Officer Robert Moore wondered if the uncooked burger was a direct hit at his profession, or simply a “raw deal.”
Moore was on duty on the overnight shift of Oct. 8-9. At 12:15 a.m. Oct. 9, he took his lunch break and drove through the ordering lane at McDonald’s. He ordered a double quarter-pounder with cheese over the speaker, and when he arrived at the pick-up window the food wasn’t ready yet.
According to Moore, the window person said, “Oh, it’s you,” and they then proceeded to make his meal.
He took his lunch back to the station and prepared to eat. He had taken five or six bites when he noticed something was wrong: one of the patties was completely raw. “Not rare, raw,” Moore emphasized. He said he was sick most of the night, and e-mailed the local McDonald’s the next day.
Moore had been in full uniform when he ordered the meal, and he wondered if he were being targeted in a prank against law enforcement. Dan Ingliss, manager of the Crystal Avenue shop, didn’t think so.
“He offered to take me on a tour of the kitchen, to show me how they cook burgers,” Moore said. “I told them I wasn’t interested.”
Emile Haddad, owner of the franchise, responded to an e-mail from Moore and said he didn’t think Moore was targeted. “He said they had done an investigation and concluded the investigation,” Moore said.
Contacted by the Nutfield News, Haddad wrote in an e-mail, “We take matters regarding food safety and quality very seriously. We are currently investigating this matter and working to resolve any potential issues.”
One of Moore’s supervisors, Capt. Vern Thomas, also went to the McDonald’s on Crystal and talked to the management, but has not heard anything back, Moore said.
Moore said he had eaten at this particular McDonald’s a couple of times a week.
“Nothing else is open on my shift,” he pointed out. He had never had a problem before.
“I want this to be known, especially to police officers – you need to check your food,” he said.
He isn’t sure where he’ll go from here, whether he’ll pursue legal action or any action, but he’s certain of one thing: in the future, he’ll drive by the drive-through.