Planning Board Rejects Lenox Road Duplex

The Derry Planning Board has rejected a site plan that would have put a two-family dwelling at 22 Lenox Road.
The application was brought forth by 22 Lenox Road LLC, and was discussed at the May 15 meeting. It was for Parcel ID 32040.

In previous meetings, the project had come under Planning Board scrutiny because of the difficulty and ramifications of putting a duplex on that lot. In the May 15 meeting, Town Administrator John Anderson restated his concerns, citing the possible effect on the school system and taxes.

“It costs $14,000 to educate a child in Derry,” he said, “and with a potential five to six kids in the duplex, we could be looking at $70,000-80,000 a year.” The best-case scenario for tax revenue from the project is $10,000, Anderson said.

“We don’t need to create more density,” Anderson said. Earlier in the meeting the board had approved a waiver to allow the owners to install above-ground utilities. The board reconsidered the waiver and it did not pass the second time, with member Randall Chase speaking for several members when he said, “I don’t believe having underground utilities is a hardship.”

Approval of the completed application also failed, 3-6. Member Darrel Park explained his no vote: “What they are proposing will detract from the history, integrity and character of the neighborhood.”
Chase said, “Though they have made quite a few changes to the plan, I am troubled by the plan as a whole.”
Anderson, Frank Bartkiewicz, Al Dimmock and Chairman David Granese also voted no. Jan Choiniere, John O’Connor and Lori Davison voted yes.