Pinkerton-Hooksett Agreement Still Under Consideration

Responding to reports in other media that negotiations between Pinkerton Academy and the Hooksett School District had “failed,” Hooksett Superintendent Charles Littlefield said last week that they do not give a true picture of the Pinkerton/Hooksett relationship.
And on Thursday night, Nov. 21, the Pinkerton trustees unanimously voted to send a revised proposal to the Hooksett School District, and sent the document Friday night. Pinkerton also scheduled an Open House for Hooksett parents on Dec. 2.

In that most recent exchange, Pinkerton sent Littlefield a long-term contract proposal for consideration by the Hooksett School Board.
“Pinkerton Academy welcomes the opportunity to provide Hooksett families with the high quality instruction, curriculum, programs and facilities of our school,” said Harry Burnham, President, Board of Trustees. “We believe this can be a wonderful partnership – so we’d like to work with the Hooksett School Board to best serve the interests of the community’s students, parents, and taxpayers.”
“This most recent proposal is consistent with contracts now in effect between Pinkerton and its current school district partners: Auburn, Chester, Derry and Hampstead,” he said. “Pinkerton Academy believes it is important that all sending districts have fundamentally similar relationships with the school. The proposal also provides flexibility to Hooksett during a time of transition, starting with next school year 2014-15.
“In the past year, Pinkerton Academy has toured hundreds of Hooksett parents and students,” continued Burnham. “We are aware of tremendous interest by Hooksett families in the opportunities available at Pinkerton. As soon as the next school year, in fall of 2014, Pinkerton would be prepared to enroll additional Hooksett students on a sending town contract basis.”
To help families learn more about Pinkerton Academy, the school has scheduled an Open House for the entire Hooksett community on the campus in Derry for Monday, Dec. 2. A presentation at 7 p.m. in the Stockbridge Theatre will explain the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities at Pinkerton; tours will be offered following the presentation.
“Pinkerton Academy would very much like to serve as the anchor school of the Hooksett school district; said Burnham. “Knowing of the significant interest in Pinkerton by the Hooksett community, it is our objective to proceed swiftly enough that families could enjoy a fall 2014 start at our school.”
Littlefield and Pinkerton Headmaster Mary Anderson began talking after Manchester, the receiving district for Hooksett high-schoolers, released the neighboring town from its contract.
A tuition contract has to be voted on by the legislative body, the school district, and warrant articles for that ballot need to be worked on in December and finalized the first week in January.
Meanwhile, a Memorandum of Understanding with Pinkerton, not a full tuition agreement, has been sent to Hooksett by the Londonderry School Board, to accommodate up to 40 students per year.
Monday night, the Hooksett School Board held an informational meeting for parents, and interest was described as high for the school board getting things settled, not just for Pinkerton but for all high school options.