Pinkerton Honors Winter Sports Teams, Athletes

The Pinkerton Academy athletic community had plenty to celebrate when it gathered for the school’s winter sports awards night in the Hackler Gymnasium this past Monday evening, March 17.

Title-winning varsity and sub-varsity teams were recognized and given the opportunity to hoist their championship trophies high one more time as they presented the impressive hardware to Pinkerton dean of students Glenn Ahrens.

Among the squads recognized for bringing home championship awards were the academy’s varsity boys’ track and field, gymnastics, spirit, bowling, and girls’ skiing contingents, junior varsity spirit and wrestling teams, and freshman girls’ hoop team.

There were also individual champions from multiple sports including wrestling and bowling who were recognized for their noteworthy accomplishments.

Pinkerton athletic director Tim Powers announced that a total of 428 student/ athletes had played winter sports, and 222 of them made academic high honors or honors.

Special awards were claimed by basketball players Jeremy Dietzel (the Gail Carnovale Memorial Award) and Danny Courter (the Mark Baldwin Memorial Award). That latter award includes a new scholarship created by the family of former Pinkerton student/athlete Baldwin.

The teams then adjourned to different parts of the Pinkerton campus to hand out their individual honors, including coaches’ awards.

Varsity award winners included Justin Puzzo (boys’ skiing), Sarah Burgess (girls’ skiing), Sam Dolan (boys’ basketball), Colleen Fortier (girls’ basketball), Sean Hall (hockey), Mitch Willams (boys’ swimming), Jacquelyn Pierson (girls’ swimming), Erin Coutts (girls’ track), Keesha Myette (unified basketball), and Dylan Barreiro (wrestling).

The Pinkerton athletic department asked that varsity bowling, gymnastics, spirit, and boys’ track coaches’ award winners not be named at this time.

Junior varsity coaches awards went to Ben Curry (boys’ hoop), Taylor Frost (girls’ hoop), Ritziko Linzi (bowling), Kaylie DeCosmo (hockey), Delaney Rioux (spirit), John Collyer (boys’ track), Melanie Roberge (girls’ track), and Keygan Nacos (wrestling).

The freshman coaches’ awards were given to David Currier (boys’ basketball) and Sara Neild (girls’ hoop).